About Me

Since I was 15 I have had a deep passion for photography; this has been influenced by 3 major events in my life.

Opting to take photography as one of my art electives in High school; I was instantly obsessed.  The view through the camera was something different, special, it made me focus on what I saw, to capture the context of a single portion of the world and have it mean something.  This was in the days of film and darkrooms and I took to it all with everything I had.

Since then whenever I was able to travel and wherever I went my camera was with me.  Then one day in Amsterdam I was asked by a clothing designer to take some photographs for part of her new collection, long story short – that event started a new path of learning that sent me on a trajectory around the world, photographing everyone I could.

It was then I found my Hasselblad – and I was reintroduced to analog photography.  It was a 1975 all original; and like a derelict car it was working but in a horrible way, so I had it completely restored.  Since the day it returned my life was forever changed by photography, again.  I took some more time and attended some photography workshops including the portrait photography course at the London Institute of Photography.

Now my personal work is done exclusively on analog film medium.  I work in a custom built darkroom to produce classic, fine art photographs in as close to the traditional method as possible.  That means from start to finish the negatives are developed and processed into photographs in a complete and 100% analog process.  I do backup every negative as a digital file way because there is nothing wrong with digital, the freedom of art is that we get to choose; but the look and feel of a completely analog process cannot be faked.

This also means the my pictures are not edited in photoshop, the colors are natural, no digital enhancement – the scene I see through lens, is what is captured on film, it is the exact same image you see in the final result.

It is my compulsion to capture life, the people, the landscapes, the city, the things you see everyday and the things you don’t.  I strive to uncover the stories that we as people take for granted, to uncover the hidden below the surface, to focus on the things that we obsess about and the things we don’t – but should be.